Our approach to directing starts when we get the initial call or script. Immediately we’re thinking in pictures… since all human thought is done in pictures first. And that’s our job—to put powerful pictures to words.

What do we do different? Three things: first, we’re hyphenated writers/directors/editors. That means we direct with the finished edit in mind. Second, we’re shooters as well as directors. That means our eye is always to the camera’s viewfinder, so we know instantly when we’ve gotten the shot, so we can move along faster. And lastly, we sometimes take a team approach to directing… using a woman’s viewpoint as well as a man’s. On many projects, two heads are better than one. Because two viewpoints constantly evolving keeps our creativity flowing.

Based on the strength of our many hours of finished stories broadcast on “That’s Incredible!”, “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Real People”, we joined the Directors Guild of America in 1981. You can find our listing on page 575 of the 2007 Directory of Members, or online at www.DGA.org